Team Vigilant

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Team Vigilant
Team Vigilant.png
Team Information
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Team Captain: PainDeViande
Website: URL to team website
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Created: 2017-10-01
Player Trades: Traded players, from/to



  • 2017

Player Roster


ID Name Role
USA MandoWarrior Jonathon Trobaugh Template:RoleSortNumber Solo
USA Mirage Eugeen Matthew Template:RoleSortNumber Jungle
USA Graves Justin King Template:RoleSortNumber Sub/Jungle
USA Akillathehun Amar Ganbat Template:RoleSortNumber Mid
USA DayToRemeber Michael Galvin Template:RoleSortNumber Hunter
USA PainDeViande Louis-Philippe Geoffrion Template:RoleSortNumber Support


ID Name Position
USA InGameName RealName Head Coach
USA InGameName RealName Coach
USA InGameName RealName Manager

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2000-01-01 A22nd LaunchTournament.png Tournament with Logo Player APlayer BPlayer CPlayer DPlayer E $12,345
2000-01-01 A11st Tournament Player APlayer BPlayer CPlayer DPlayer E $1,234

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