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2018 Season

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  • North America
  • Europe
  • Brazil
  • LAN
  • LAS
  • SEA
  • OCE
  • International
  • SWC 2019 Quals Final Bracket
  • SWC 2019
SWC2019 LOGO.png
16th - 18th Nov 2018

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Dlogo std.png DIG 2
  SSGlogo std.png SSG 1
  Dlogo std.png DIG 0
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 3
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 2
  ObAlogo std.png ObA 0
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 3
  RivaLlogo std.png RivaL 2
  EUNlogo std.png EUN 1
  TFECTlogo std.png TFECT 2
  TFECTlogo std.png TFECT 0
  RivaLlogo std.png RivaL 3
  NRGlogo std.png NRG 0
  RivaLlogo std.png RivaL 2

Latest News
January 10th
INT SPYlogo std.png SPY SPYlogo std.png Splyce's roster resigns.
INT Knightslogo std.png Knights Adapting, EmilZy, Vote, Zyrhoes, Deathwalker and Rowe join.
INT LGlogo std.png LG themollusk, Oceans, Xaliea, Joshy, KikiSoCheeky join.
INT EUNlogo std.png EUN iceicebaby, KaLaS, BigManTingz, Vetium, Benji join.
INT RivaLlogo std.png RivaL fineokay, PolarBearMike, sLainy, Arkkyl, PandaCat and CaptainTwig join.
INT TFECTlogo std.png TFECT Eonic, Duck3y, LASBRA, Weak3n, Wowy join.
INT RenGlogo std.png RenG Cherryo, iRaffer, Nika, Dardez, Funballer join.
INT Sklogo std.png SK Zapman, Neirumah, Paul, ScaryD, sam4soccer2 join.
INT Dlogo std.png DIG Hurriwind and Ataraxia join.
INT SSGlogo std.png SSG SSGlogo std.png SpaceStation Gaming's roster resigns. Dimi leaves.
January 7th
INT SPYlogo std.png SPY SPYlogo std.png Splyce will participate in the SPL again.
January 5th
INT EUNlogo std.png EUN EUNlogo std.png EUnited will participate in the SPL again.
January 2nd
INT RivaLlogo std.png RivaL RivaLlogo std.png Team RivaL will participate in the SPL again.
December 29th
INT RenGlogo std.png RenG RenGlogo std.png Renegades acquires a spot in the SPL.
December 20th
INT LGlogo std.png LG LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming will participate in the SPL again.
December 18th
INT SSGlogo std.png SSG SSGlogo std.png SpaceStation Gaming will participate in the SPL again.
December 17th
INT CLGlogo std.png CLG CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming won't participate in the SPL next season. Hurriwind, Snoopy, fineokay, Jigz, Masked and sLainy leave.
December 14th
EU RivaLlogo std.png RivaL Wlfy steps down from SPL.
EU RivaLlogo std.png RivaL AlphaJackal leaves.
December 13th
INT NRGlogo std.png NRG NRGlogo std.png NRG Esports won't participate in the SPL next season. Adapting and EmilZy leave.
EU Dlogo std.png DIG Zyrhoes and Arkkyl leave.
December 12th
INT TFECTlogo std.png TFECT TFECTlogo std.png Trifecta will participate in the SPL again.
December 10th
EU Sklogo std.png SK Sklogo std.png SK Gaming will participate in the SPL again.
December 7th
EU RivaLlogo std.png RivaL iceicebaby steps down from SPL.
December 5th
EU Sklogo std.png SK Lawbster retires.
INT Knightslogo std.png Knights Knightslogo std.png Pittsburgh Knights acquires a spot in the SPL.
December 3rd
NA Armadalogo std.png Armada Armadalogo std.png Armada Esports releases the roster.
November 29th
EU Mouzlogo std.png mouz BigManTingz, Nika, Dardez, FrostiaK and Cherryo leave.
EU NRGlogo std.png NRG Yammyn retires.
November 27th
EU NRGlogo std.png NRG emilitoo and maniaKK leave and won't be playing next season.
November 15th
NA Armadalogo std.png Armada Copebby retires.
November 11th
EU ObAlogo std.png ObA ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance will realease the Smite team after SWC 2019
EU NRGlogo std.png NRG Homiefe joins as coach/sub.
November 10th
SWC2019 LOGO.png
ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance qualifies for SWC 2019.
SWC2019 LOGO.png
RivaLlogo std.png Team RivaL qualifies for SWC 2019.
SWC2019 LOGO.png
SSGlogo std.png SpaceStation Gaming qualifies for SWC 2019.
SWC2019 LOGO.png
TFECTlogo std.png Trifecta qualifies for SWC 2019.
November 9th
EU ISNlogo std.png ISN KSier will be substituting Genetics as he got a 3-day suspension and he won't play the rest of the SWC 2019 Quals.
November 5th
EU NRGlogo std.png NRG Yammyn won't be playing the SWC 2019.[1]
October 25th
BR No Pinglogo std.png No Ping DenTTola will be substituted by Spethro at SWC 2019 Qualifiers.
October 23rd
NA SSGlogo std.png SSG Dimi joins as coach.
October 17th
OCE Athlogo std.png Ath Regan joins.
October 15th
OCE Athlogo std.png Ath Addons retires.
LAN Lotologo std.png Loto Hunch0Jack will be substituted by JMittzeL at the SWC 2019 Qualifiers.
October 10th
NA Armadalogo std.png Armada Armada Esports qualifies for SWC Qualifiers 2019.
October 9th
EU ISNlogo std.png ISN Insignem qualifies for SWC Qualifiers 2019.
October 4th
OCE Incitelogo std.png Incite MingyuSeo retires.
October 2th
NA CLGlogo std.png CLG Homiefe is replaced by Masked.
September 27th
NA LGlogo std.png LG ShadowChair leaves, Inbowned joins as support and NotGeno moves to mid.
September 18th
EU Mouzlogo std.png mouz Spudio moves to Coach and FrostiaK moves to Jungle. Cherryo moves to Support and Dardez moves to Hunter.
September 5th
NA TFECTlogo std.png TFECT sam4soccer2 leaves. Sata joins as coach.
August 30th
OCE Athlogo std.png Ath cutiepie leaves. Sharks joins as coach.
August 29th
NA SPYlogo std.png SPY moswal joins. TheBest moves to sub.
August 26th
NA TFECTlogo std.png TFECT Masked retires.
August 22nd
BR BlDslogo std.png BlDs zGonnZ leaves the team. AvllyS joins and Nann moves to jungle.
August 22nd
NA LGlogo std.png LG ShadowChair joins the team.
August 20th
NA EUNlogo std.png EUN Venenu is traded for Baskin to SSGlogo std.png SpaceStation Gaming.
August 5th
NA LGlogo std.png LG keegsmate leaves the team.
Tournaments Latest God Free God Rotation
ISL LOGO.png  
  IGN Smite League
2018 SMITE Pro League Logo.png  
Feb 2 - Mar 7
  SPL Pre-Season Season 6
King ArthurProfile.png
King Arthur
Wielder of Excalibur
Cost: Favor.png 11,000 Gems.png 200
Type: Melee, Physical
Class: Warrior
Pantheon: ArthurianSquare.png Arthurian

Upcoming Patch: v6.1
Current PC Patch: v5.24
Current Console Patch: v5.24

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