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Background Information
Name: Dylan Lane
Country of Birth: Australia Australia
Birthday: August 3, 1998
Team: Incite
Role: Sub
Favorite Gods:     
Social Media and Links
Twitter: DW_Laney
Team History
Oct 2014Logo std2.png OneHP
Apr 2015Logo std2.png Trance eSports
Apr 2015 - Jul 2015CTDLlogo std.png Citadel Gaming
Jul 2015 - Jan 2016DWlogo std.png Dire Wolves
Mar 2016 - Mar 2016GHAZAlogo std.png Ghazali Jafaar
Mar 2016 - Apr 2016Tridentlogo std.png Trident Esports
May 2016 - PresentIncitelogo std.png Incite

Dylan "JustLaney" Lane is an Australian SMITE player. He is currently a substitute for Incite.


After playing on Citadel Gaming in the Season 2 Invitational Ladder, the team disbanded only days before the kick-off of the SPL Season 2 OCE Pro League.[1] JustLaney joined Dire Wolves on the same day.


Team and Tournament History

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2016-04-03 A66th OPLSeason3Logo.png Season 3 OPL Split 1 Tridentlogo std.png Trident Esports ElkeiroUltimateAbyssTheBeastDestonate
2016-03-06 I1Q OPLSeason3Logo.png Season 3 OPL Split 1 Qualifiers GHAZAlogo std.png Ghazali Jafaar theBeastttUltimateAbyssLloydInSpaceBiggy
2015-10-31 A22nd Oceania-spl-s2.png SPL Season 2 OCE Regionals DWlogo std.png Dire Wolves ElChuckleskikiomeoRichardCastleYada
2015-09-06 A22nd Oceania-spl-s2.png SPL Season 2 OCE Pro League DWlogo std.png Dire Wolves ElChuckleskikiomeoRichardCastleYada
2015-04-19 A44th Oceania-spl-s2.png SPL Season 2 OCE Invitational Qualifier CTDLlogo std.png Citadel Gaming OnlyGoodAtSoloTokcenDesacratorDestonate

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