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2018 Latin American North/Fall Relegations

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SGS 2018 LAN Fall Relegations
SGS Logo 2018.png
League Information
Organizer: ESL
Event Type: Online
Format: Round Robin
Date: 2018-07-08
Links: Website


The SGS 2018 Latin America Fall Relegations grant two spots in the 2018 SGS LAN Fall Season.


  • Four teams attend
  • Bottom 2 teams from SGS Summer Season
  • Top 2 teams from Open Qualifier
  • Each match is Best of Three
  • Top 2 are promoted to the SGS Fall Season

Qualified Teams

Place Team
Q DUClogo std.png DragonesUC
Q Logo std2.png Hafnet eSports
NQ Logo std2.png Lil Team
NQ Logo std2.png Mystery Gaming


Eye - Show All 2.pngRosters

Uruguay Sheento
Argentina KBIOLA
Mexico Shiesty
Colombia NESFOR
Peru Ronngyu


Season Standings
1 Logo std2.png Hafnet eSports 3 - 0 100%
2 DUClogo std.png DragonesUC 2 - 1 67%
3 Logo std2.png Mystery Gaming 1 - 2 33%
4 Logo std2.png Lil Tim 0 - 3 0%

Eye - Show All 2.pngMatches

Match results
Hafnet eSports Logo std2.png 2 0 Logo std2.png Mystery Gaming
DUC DUClogo std.png 2 0 Logo std2.png Lil Tim
DUC DUClogo std.png 2 1 Logo std2.png Mystery Gaming
Hafnet eSports Logo std2.png 2 0 Logo std2.png Lil Tim
Hafnet eSports Logo std2.png 2 1 DUClogo std.png DUC
Mystery Gaming Logo std2.png 2 0 Logo std2.png Lil Tim