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2017 Season
  • North America
  • Europe
  • International
  • Smite Gauntlet.png
    NA & EU Finals
Smite Gauntlet.png
Apr 16th 2017

  Round 1
   NRGlogo std.png NRG 1
   RivaLlogo std.png RivaL 2
  Round 2
   EUNlogo std.png EUN 1
   SoaRlogo std.png SoaR 2
  Wildcard Match
   EUNlogo std.png EUN 0
   NRGlogo std.png NRG 2
  Seeding Match
   SoaRlogo std.png SoaR 0
   RivaLlogo std.png RivaL 2

Latest News
April 21st
EU SnGlogo std.png SnG DeathPanter leaves...
NA Noblelogo std.png Noble Uzzy leaves...
April 20th
EU Enixlogo std.png Enix Duck3y and Faeles joins the team while Xaliea and Cherryo leaves.
EU ELvlogo std.png eLv Faeles and BlizzardFX leaves...
EU NOlogo std.png NO Rearward leaves.
April 19th
EU SnGlogo std.png SnG MikeTheMagikarp leaves...
EU LGelogo std.png LGe The roster is let go. Rearward, ShadowNightmare, FleuryQ, Frezzyy, and Barn leave to re-join NOlogo std.png Novus Orsa!
EU LGelogo std.png LGe Duck3y leaves...
EU SnGlogo std.png SnG Nika leaves...
April 17th
NA EUNlogo std.png EUN Varizial leaves.
April 16th
SPLS3 logo small.png
RivaLlogo std.png Team RivaL, SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming, and NRGlogo std.png NRG Esports qualify for SMITE Masters 2017!
SPLS3 logo small.png
SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming take Gold.png while EUNlogo std.png EUnited take Silver.png in the NA SPL Spring Gauntlet.
SPLS3 logo small.png
RivaLlogo std.png Team RivaL take Gold.png while NRGlogo std.png NRG Esports take Silver.png in the EU SPL Spring Gauntlet.
April 9th
NA ALGlogo std.png ALG ViviaNx3 joins as the new support!
April 6th
EU OGanglogo std.png OGang Hoek, Lace, and Gorgonzolla revive the team and will be subs for the EU SPL Spring Gauntlet!
April 5th
NA ALGlogo std.png ALG PolarBearMike leaves.
April 4th
NA C6logo std.png C6 IMoGlogo std.png In Memory of Gabe is acquired by C6logo std.png Carbon Six! Whalrus, Cynosure, Hurriwind, Snoopy, and Eonic join!
March 31st
NA OxSlogo std.png OxS SPL Gatekeepers are acquired! KikiSoCheeky, Skeeledon, Venenu, DayToRemember, and Neirumah joins! ShadowChair also joins as their coach.
March 29th
Smite Masters Dreamhack.png
BDeSlogo std.png Black Dragons e-Sports qualifies for SMITE Masters 2017!
BDeSlogo std.png Black Dragons e-Sports take Gold.png while Valhalla PG takes Silver.png in the SMITE Brazil Gaming League 2017!
March 26th
Smite Masters Dreamhack.png
Egrlogo std.png Team Eager and LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming qualify for the SMITE Masters 2017!
SPLS3 logo small.png
Egrlogo std.png Team Eager takes Gold.png while LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming take Silver.png in the 2017 NA SPL Spring Season!
SPL Gatekeepers take Gold.png while Quignitas take Silver.png in the 2017 NA CC Spring Split!
March 25th
Smite Masters Dreamhack.png
Dlogo std.png Team Dignitas qualify for SMITE Masters 2017!
SPLS3 logo small.png
ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance take Gold.png while Silver.png goes to Dlogo std.png Team Dignitas in the 2017 EU SPL Spring Season!
C6logo std.png Carbon Six take Gold.png while Silver.png goes to Papislogo std.png The Papis in the 2017 EU CC Spring Split!
EU Enixlogo std.png Enix VaCSlogo std.png Valance Squad roster is acquired. Xaliea, Cherryo, Lawbster, Funballer, and BigManTingz join while gaining a new coach, sLainy.
March 24th
EU LGelogo std.png LGe Alexi joins.
March 23rd
EU LGelogo std.png LGe FrostiaK leaves.
Smite Masters Dreamhack.png
ObAlogo std.png Obey Alliance qualify for SMITE Masters 2017!
March 22nd
EU RivaLlogo std.png RivaL Cyclonelogo std.png CycloneGG's previously disbanded roster is acquired. Deathwalker, Iceicebabyy, Wlfy, VoteNBK, and KaLaS join.
March 21st
EU C6logo std.png C6 C6logo std.png Carbon Six merges with Armor Esports and Acquire their SMITE Roster. Sibi, Dzoni, Kespainify, Tynz, and Fusify join.
March 19th
EU Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone Team disbands their SMITE division. Deathwalker, Iceicebabyy, Wlfy, VoteNBK, KaLaS, Convertactician, AllHailMuppets, and AlphaJackal leave.
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Cost: Favor.png 11,000 Gems.png 200
Type: Melee, Magical
Class: Guardian

Upcoming Patch: v4.8 Current PC Patch: [1]
Current Console Patch: [2]

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