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December 16th
NA Logo std2.png Circa Whiskey leaves.
December 14th
EU XLlogo std.png xL Roster is released. Mango, Elexum, and Cobby leave.
December 11th
EU BRTgglogo std.png BRTgg Roster disbands. N0Numbers, Gorgonzolla, Tynz, DeathPanter, JustJack, and Freeluck leave.
OCE DWlogo std.png DW Acquires roster of PANDAlogo std.png Team Pandamonium. kikiomeo, Rowe, Ochita, Maxen, RichardCastle, and Biggy join.
December 10th
EU SnGlogo std.png SnG Nika and TheDarkDodo leave.
December 2nd
LAT LichTlogo std.png LichT Due to Visa problems, N0zwer will substitute for Cocosí in SMITE World Championship 2017.