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  • Smite Masters Dreamhack.png
Smite Masters Dreamhack.png
Jun 18th - Jun 21st 2016

  Placement Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Panthlogo std.png Panth
  OMGlogo std.png OMG.A
  Egrlogo std.png eGr
  HFMlogo std.png HFM
  NMElogo std.png NME
  REDClogo std.png REDC
  KLGlogo std.png KLG   
  PDGlogo std.png PDG
  SoaRlogo std.png SoaR
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June 7th
NA KSPÖTlogo std.png RAND0 Meerkat retires.
June 6th
EU LFTOlogo std.png LFTO Badgah leaves.
SPLS3 logo small.png
Gold.pngPanthlogo std.png Panthera Silver.pngPDGlogo std.png Paradigm Bronze.pngHFMlogo std.png Hungry For More in EU SPL Season 3 Spring.
SPLS3 logo small.png
Gold.pngNMElogo std.png Enemy Silver.pngEgrlogo std.png Team Eager Bronze.pngSoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming in NA SPL Season 3 Spring.
XB EXlogo std.png eX TBMlogo std.png Team BM roster acquired. Predators, Lycan, Farleehz, Inoziaa, and Herp join.
June 4th
NA EGElogo std.png EGE KSPÖTlogo std.png The Randozos roster acquired. Whalrus, Skeeledon, ADUR0, and Wubbn join.
EU CClogo std.png CC Axioz and ASoggySandal leave.
Smite Masters Dreamhack.png
HFMlogo std.png Hungry For More qualify for SMITE Masters 2016.
OCE TMlogo std.png tM JustSpeedy joins. Slycy goes inactive.
June 3rd
XB MWlogo std.png MW Wolves and Cynosure join. Matt Koiz moves to support. Wubbn leaves.
EU PDGlogo std.png PDG KaLaS will substitute for Trixtank during the SMITE Masters 2016.
EU CClogo std.png CC Zerkiller joins as manager.
June 2nd
Smite Masters Dreamhack.png
Egrlogo std.png Team Eager qualify for SMITE Masters 2016.
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God of the Summer Storm
Cost: Favor.png 11,000 Gems.png 200
Type: Melee, Physical
Class: Assassin

Current PC Patch: v3.9
Current Console Patch: v3.8

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